Provide STEM based education for kids

  • Affordable monthly memberships
    choose from different memberships packages 3 - 6 - 12 months
  • STEM education curriculum for 4 to 17 years old kids
    learning robotics,science,programming,art,design and more ...
  • Only four kids per group
    focusing on four kids only per group to give them best results

About us

iSchool is the 1st parallel education system in Egypt to give 4 to 17 years students the opportunity to learn about the trend technologies around the globe, and the needed skills for a future leader or desired employee.


Inspiring kids by widening their horizon through entertainment educational methods to create a new generation of innovative leaders.


Reinventing education by teaching trending technologies for kids, And improving teachers skills with professional development to integrate technology into classes.


iSchool provides






iSchool staff have excellent technical background and STEM education experts.

Our facilities

iSchool STEM labs, Robotics Workstation, Science lab, Computer lab.

iSchool Memberships

 Widening your kid's horizons with special packages 

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